August 2023 Challenge

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From The Desk Of  Caleb Christenson

Re: Come Join a Family Of Entrepreneurs Who Actually WANT to Help You Grow Your Businesses (and Bank Account) With Sales Funnels!

Dear Struggling Small Business Owner,

What if I told you there was an underground gathering of marketers from all over the world who meet in secret (possibly at this very moment)?

Well it's true...

And hidden behind a password protected Zoom link, they come together to focus on ONE common goal:

Unlocking The Secrets of 7-Figure Marketing Systems, and Profitable Lead Generation for their "expert" or service based businesses. 

This is a dedicated group of coaches, consultants, agency owners, service providers, and financial professionals that meet every week to not only keep themselves motivated…

But to...

-Create powerful marketing campaigns that last for months (even years). 

-Launch simple, battle-tested lead gen. strategies.

-Discuss NEW ways to bring a flood of customers to their sales pages. 


-Increase ROI (return on investment), and AOV (average order value) using Sales Funnels.

And more! 

...These professionals are not playing the game of business to lose. 

They are playing for keeps. 

Because the TRUTH is...

Your Body can go about 6 days without water.💦

But Your business won't last 24 Hours Without Sales.💀

Luckily, these unruly lead generators know these fundamental truths, and will stop at nothing to build systems that serve them customers like hot buttery pancakes at IHOP.

But as great as this group is, they weren't always "crushing it" online. 

In fact, this elite group of marketers were once like you.

...Relying on word of mouth referrals, outdated websites and lame social media tactics. 

And struggling to get OUT of the business so it could finally start working FOR THEM, instead of making things worse.

Then something truly special happened. 

...They were all invited to the FunnelFlow Mastermind where they learned SIMPLE, yet EFFECTIVE strategies that anyone (no matter how busy or broke they are) can use to build the business of their dreams. 

The Core Concept taught at the FunnelFlow Mastermind is the time tested, no fail method of "Minimum Viable Marketing" and the MVM Flywheel. 

When used properly, it attracts people FASTER, and with more predictability than "Chum" in a Shark Tank! 🦈

The Minimum Viable Marketing Flywheel

...Once you learn how to use this system (with a little help from the group of course), your new subscriber alerts could start looking like this:

Their story of self generated lead domination can be your own. 

You just need to make a decision...

So... Are you in?

Are you are ready to crush your income goals, build a powerful lead gen. system for your business, and never have to scrape the bottom of the social media barrel for customers ever again? 

If so, then I want you to join the next FunnelFlow Mastermind Call! 📲

Each week we DIVE DEEP into topics like:

  • How to design and launch lead magnets in 60 minutes or less!
  • ​The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar...
  • ​How to Implement Your Minimum Viable Marketing System...
  • ​Document Don't Create - The Key To Content Production!
  • ​Why Nobody Is Calling You (or buying your products)...
  • "​Little Known Tricks" to get people to PAY to become your lead!
  • ​How to go from $7 to $50,000 collected from your prospect in 4 weeks or less!
  • ​The "Fake Gatekeeper" trick to increase perceived value...
  • ​...And So Much More!

As co-founder of The FunnelFlow Mastermind, I've helped Entrepreneurs like Scott Landis go from nearly throwing in the towel on his coaching business, to over $3,500/month recurring revenue and growing in a few short months. 

Sure it's not a million dollars, but hey, it's a start... 

The most important thing to understand here is that key to success in any venture is momentum. 

This basically means the STRENGTH or force an object (tangible or intangible) has when it's moving.

In other words, the more you use The Marketing Flywheel, and few other tactics you'll learn on these calls, your results will get bigger and better over time. 

And once that happens, the sky is truly the limit...

How do we get this momentum started for our members?

First we created their offers, developed a proper lead generation plan, and got to work.

Now it's time to do the same thing for you.

So if you're ready to use sales funnels to grow your business, and want the BEST chance to get a predictable ROI from your efforts, then jump on the next FREE mastermind call where we'll teach and devise simple lead generation strategies for experts and service providers like yourself.

Now Before You Arrive, Here's a Few Ground Rules...

#1.Cameras and shirts on please (seriously).🤦🏻‍♂️ 
#2.It may be early, but come ready to participate & interact with the group.🤝 
#3.Come alone or invite a friend.👨🏽‍💻
Oh, and one last thing before I forget...

This Call Is Limited to 100 people, so don't invite too many, and latecomers are not guaranteed a spot.

Join Marketing Expert Caleb Christenson and a Community of Funnel Focused Entrepreneurs at Our Upcoming Mastermind Call For 60 minutes of Live Discussion, Education and Problem Solving.  

FunnelFlow Mastermind Live Call Details

When: Every Wednesday Morning 06:30-07:30 AM PDT (Pacific Time)

Where: Zoom Webinar Video Call

Agenda: 06:30-06:35 - Niceties and Sign-On 06:35-06:45 - Intros and Updates

06:45-07:15 - Speaker

07:15-07:25 - Q and A / Discussion / Hot-Seat 07:25-07:27 - Takeaways

07:27-07:30 - Call to Action and Closing

Your Host - Caleb Christenson

Caleb Christenson - Funnel Builder, Marketing Strategist and Your Weekly Host
Husband, Father of 3 girls, Serial Entrepreneur and Russell Brunson Fanboy... Caleb is the co-founder and host of the FunnelFlow Mastermind weekly call.  After using simple sales funnels Caleb grew a small no-name home services company to over six figures in less than a year.  He now walks other business owners through the steps to implement sales funnels into their business to generate their own stream of never ending leads and sales. 

Are You Ready for...

  • A steady flow of new leads who will happily pay for your advice, products and services?
  • ​Absolute clarity on which Funnel to use in your specific business and why?
  • ​The ability to position that Funnel with an offer so irresistible you can charge whatever you want?
  • ​A front-row seat to some of the most sought after marketing advice from VERIFIED 6, 7, and 8-Figure entrepreneurs? 

...Of course you are!

Why else would you still be on this page?

With that being said, don't let overwhelm and confusion stop you from making progress...

Come to the FunnelFlow Mastermind, network with the pros, and learn the secrets to building a fully-automated lead generation system that grows your expert or service-based business in your sleep!  

See You On The Next Call, 

Caleb Christenson 

P.S. - This call is FREE and there is no sales pitch. If you are ready to start creating profitable, automated, lead generation systems using sales funnels, don't delay and register for the weekly call today. 

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